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Anti-Theft Travel Bag

Anti-Theft Travel Bag

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Over 50,453 Happy Travelers  
are using Jaypen™ to travel in comfort.

Smart Design, Large Capacity.

Our Anti-theft Travel Bag streamlines your travel experience by offering convenience, security, and style. And guess what? This bag is like a storage champ. You can easily put all your important and valuable things in it, and it's perfect for wherever you go (travels, day trips, or sightseeing)!
You can now have fun on your trips without worrying about pickpockets or losing your stuff.


Perfect for travel, day trips, and sightseeing

Made of Oxford textile, the Wander+ Travel Bag is 100% waterproof, promising to protect your belongings.It's built to be slim and snug, so it fits your body shape perfectly. You can adjust the shoulder strap to make it comfortable & practical.


Military-grade material

Understanding the techniques used by pickpockets, we decided to make our bag from Cordura - a material that protects soldiers on the front lines.

Your things are safe with us!

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